A Beautiful DIY Wooden Word Sign Project

This DIY wooden word sign is a lovely idea for decorating your home.  Choose a word then decide a shape to replace a letter (“A” in fall is a leaf).  You don’t own a jigsaw?  No problem.  The project will look just as nice without cutting out the shape.  Thanks to Her Tool Belt for the nice idea.

I went to Swiss Days a few weeks back, this is the Mecca for craft booths in Utah.  It is fun to browse through the booths, see all the neat stuff and buying wrapping paper is a must every year.  My kids were with me this year, so I spent way to much money. :-) A few decor items caught my eye though.  One shop had signs with really primitive letters of LOVE or HOME, and they replace the ‘O’ with a heart or a house shape.  The other one was a very simple shutter using 2 slats and they cut out a shape in the middle and used square wire mesh behind the cut out.  I knew I had to come up with a Fall project, so I combined the two.  As soon as I saw the LOVE signs, I thought that would be fun with FALL, hoping the maple leaf would resemble an ‘A’.


Images from Her Tool Belt.
For full instructions visit Her Tool Belt.



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