A Beautiful J.Crew Inspired Pearl Necklace DIY

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What a gorgeous pearl necklace inspired by J.Crew!  This DIY project gives you a little room to interpret your vision.  Maybe you want to use smaller pearls or three sizes together or throw in a light pink one here and there.  Thanks to Delightfully DIY for the elegant necklace idea.

A couple days ago I decided to try and come up with some new ideas to use up some of the beads I have had forever and the result has been me in a bit of a jewelry-making frenzy since then. When I found this J.Crew Pearl Ball Choker it seemed like the perfect DIY inspiration for the stockpile of glass pearls that I’ve had (and haven’t used) for probably 3 years now. (On a side note: if you actually wanted to make a DIY version of this necklace and not just something inspired by it’s shape/colors, I think you could probably find similar beads on a site like Fusion Beads, Beadaholique, or maybe Etsy.)

You will need:

2 different sizes of chain (the smaller about 12 inches and the larger only 3 inches)
220 6mm glass pearl beads (12 per bead ball plus a few extra)
Fishing line
Lobster claw clasp
2 eye pins
2 jump rings (one slightly larger)
E-6000 glue (or something similar)
Small round pliers

Cut a piece of fishing line (I used 12 inches which was overkill but I wanted to make sure I had plenty) and string together 12 pearls to make a beaded ball. If you don’t know how to make a beaded ball, Hello Whimsy has a great tutorial on how to put these together.


Images from Delightfully DIY.

For the full instructions visit Delightfully DIY.

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