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A Fabulous Carriage Garage Door And It’s DIY

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It’s hard to believe paint and a few pieces of hardware can transform your simple garage door into something beautiful.  The fact that this DIY carriage door project can be completed before my kids get home from school makes me want to run to the hardware store right now.  Pinterest Addict has a great idea.

Simple and inexpensive projects around the house can sometimes make the biggest impact. For example, this little project gave us a nice bump in our curb appeal, but only cost a few dollars.

The other day, I was walking through Home Depot and saw a package of decorative garage door hardware for less than $4! I actually double checked with the front desk that it was the correct price before getting too excited about it. But that was the right price, so into the cart it went.

I brought them home, and they sat in my garage – until yesterday. I had been trolling through pictures online and found many examples of carriage garage doors and I love the look, but not the price. However, lucky for me, it was easy to re-create using a little paint and this hardware.


Image from Pinterest Addict.

For further instructions visit Pinterest Addict.

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