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A Lovely Birch/Aspen Tree Painting DIY

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This birch/aspen tree painting is so easy to DIY.  The method of stenciling out the trees with painters’ tape is a great idea.  I adore the added touch with the heart and initials carved into the tree.  This would make for a great gift on Valentine’s Day.  Thanks to A Sparkly Mess for the fantastic painting idea.

I am loving The Bedroom Makeover so much! I am having a blast finding new ideas and incorporating them with my own little spin on them. Our Bedroom is coming along so well, I am obsessed with the cream, gold and turquoise color scheme so much. It is beautiful and calming but clean and gorgeous. There is still a few projects left for this room. This one being a painting I made by painting over another painting (frame and all). the original painting was a cheap wall art type you buy at Walmart or Micheal. The original made a great canvas for the super easy birch tree painting I wanted to create. This creation is credited to Alexis at click here for a more detailed description. This painting is so beautiful and simple. you need to try this you will end up with a beautiful piece for somewhere’s in your home. It would also make a beautiful house warming for baby gift. I may be making another one soon in another color scheme.

  • Supplies:
  • Primer
  • Gold metallic spray paint or whatever you want to use i used it for the frame
  • you don’t need these if you are using a new canvas
  • Canvas  I used an old piece of art but would look great on stretch canvas as well.
  • Masking tape I used painters tape i had in my home already but you could buy masking tape at the dollar store in what every width you want.
  • Acrylic Paint in whatever colors you have (i used a light blue and a darker blue black and antique white)
  • Foam paint brush
  • A small paint brush
  • Metallic gold paint
  • Gold metallic paint or gold leaf as shown in Alexis post
  • An old credit card or store card.


  • Step One: Prime whole piece of art and paint the frame


Images from A Sparkly Mess.

For the full instruction visit A Sparkly Mess.

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