DIY Elevated Pet Food Bowl Holder

When you have several animals in the house food bowls can be a real nuisance. They get kicked, spilled, and generally make a mess. This project from Kate Riley at Centsational Girl is the perfect answer! Not only is it so cute, but it keeps everything easy to clean and the animals don’t have to lean way over to eat. Kate built one for her kitten, and she planned how tall it would be with the for when the cat was full grown. You can make it any height you want to accommodate the size of your cat or dog. For larger dogs, just enlarge the whole pattern.

These are the supplies needed for the smaller pet bowl stand:

  • Two ¾” x 8” x 2’ wood boards
  • 1” flat head screws
  • Jig saw
  • Kreg jig or “L” brackets
  • Wood stain & polyurethane OR primer & paint
  • Pet food bowls


Take a look at Kate’s site – Centsational Girl and see each step of the project. She has photos that make it much easier to see exactly what to do. This makes such a cute stand for your pets to eat and drink from, and you can decorate it to make it a nice addition to your decor. I can’t wait to make one for my cats!

Source of images:  Centsational Girl

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