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Build a Custom Fire Pit for $50

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Socializing with friends around a fire pit is a great way to spend a relaxing evening. We’ve often sat around a fire until the early hours of the morning because it lends itself to good conversation, good times with friends, and just plain chillin’ and relaxing. It’s so much better than being inside, even in cold weather. Fires provide such great ambiance.

This fire pit has the advantage of not being dug into the ground so it could actually be moved if you can’t quite decide where you want it to be permanently. If you live in a community that has restrictions and doesn’t let you dig a hole, then this will probably satisfy those requirements as well. It can be put together pretty cheaply, more cheaper than most of the fire pits on the market. It uses concrete tree rings and a small, round Weber grill.

You can get all the instructions and additional pictures of the project at Instructables.

Image Source: Instructables

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