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Cute Cereal Box Drawer Organizers That’s An Easy DIY Project

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Do you have a ton of scrapbooking supplies that are sitting unused in a box somewhere?  Those cereal boxes are out of control?  This cute DIY drawer organizer is perfect because you may already have all the supplies in your home.  Everyone has at least one drawer that needs to be tamed.  Thanks to iheart organizing for this project.

Eeek!  Dumping ground!  Everything I use at my desk was being tossed right into the drawer.  I couldn’t even tell ya what was at the bottom of the messy mess.  At least my pencil pouch was sort of acting like a divider, no?

Thank goodness for this month’s challenge, because I am beyond words smitten with the outcome of my little drawer organizing project.  Here is what I used to DIY some super cute drawer organizers:

Pretty papers, {both wrapping and decorative cardstock}, regular tape and double-sided, pencil, scissors, box cutter and a yard stick.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been collecting leftover food boxes such as those from cereal, waffles and granola bars.  Once I had enough to play with, I popped them into the drawer to see how I could use them as dividers to reorganize my madness.


Images from iheart organizing.

For full instructions visit iheart organizing.


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