Easy And Cool DIY Cement Votives

This is such an awesome idea for providing some ambiance outdoors and indoors.  I love this modern twist by using cement to make votives and it’s all DIY!  There are so many great ways to make this your own.  Maybe instead of lace use stiff grass, leaves, or fuzzy rope.  Thanks for the project Say Yes.

Here’s what you’ll need:

– Cement powder
– Paper cups to mix cement in
– Wooden sticks to stir cement mix
– Coins
– Petroleum Jelly (or cooking spray) – Optional (I’m not sure how much it helps)
– Sticker tape (like: http://etsy.me/KXAWVj, http://etsy.me/p6EMu9, http://etsy.me/LKzvaU)
– A disposable container (plastic, or paper cup) for the outside of your votive
– A smaller disposable container (I used a medicine cup), big enough to hold a tea light
– Sandpaper
– Pliers


Image from Say Yes.

For more instructions visit Say Yes.

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