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Gorgeous Godiva Liqueur Truffles With Edible Gold For Your Valentine DIY

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These Godiva liqueur truffles are so beautiful that it’s almost a shame to eat them.  Almost.  This DIY recipe is your basic truffle recipe but it allows you to flavor them in any way you wish.  Maybe brandy instead of Godiva Liqueur.  Maybe non-alcoholic.  You decide.  The edible gold is the icing on the truffle.  Thanks to Better Homes and Gardens for the Valentine’s Day idea.

I’m a firm believer that the holidays are a time for enjoying family, friends and yearly traditions. They most certainly are not meant to be marked by sale dates or panicked moments of trying to find a parking spot to only be greeted by an overcrowded mall.

Truthfully, I’m not a huge shopper, period. I don’t navigate well through crowds, so Amazon Prime is always one of my best yearly investments. I can easily shop by “clicks” while waiting between cookie sheets or while I wait for truffles like this Chocolate Rum Truffle to set.

You want to know what I love best about truffles? I like their simplicity, their elegance, their ease of preparation and delivery. I know cookie swaps are traditional and popular, but I’d like to lobby for the start of something new—truffle swaps.


Images from Better Homes and Gardens.

For the entire recipe visit Better Homes and Gardens.

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