Adorable Necklaces From Metal Washers And Scrapbook Paper DIY

I am so in love with Modge Podge.  There are tons and tons of DIY projects to make with this stuff.  Using scrapbook paper for this metal washer necklace allows you to get really creative with the design.  The washers could also be used for a bracelet or a key chain.  Thanks to for the great idea.

These adorable washer necklaces can be made for any occasion and are perfect to wear no matter what your age.

What you need

Flat metal washers (I used 1 5/8″ washers from Home Depot; but you can use any size)
Circle template or punch (I used a 2″ punch and trimmed the excess and a ¾ punch for the middle hole)
Pattern paper
Modge Podge
Diamond Glass
Scissors (fine tipped in order to trim around the washer and cut with precision)
Emery board (fine-grained sand paper)


The necklace can be dressed up with accessories such as beads, glitter, sparkles, adhesive backed jewels, etc. You create the pattern for your necklace with pattern paper such as scrapbook paper (B&T paper for scrapbooking).

Cut a circle to fit the washer and punch a hole in the middle of the circle.

You can also use a razor knife to cut the hole out of the middle. Place the flat washer on wax paper.


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