A Great Way To Organize Leftover House Paint DIY

We all have cans of leftover paint in the garage or storage room.  This DIY house paint organizing method with glass jars is a great idea because you can see what you have without shifting cans around.  Making paint stick samples allows you to see what color it is while dry.  Thanks to So Much Better With Age for the idea.

 I’m starting to get some spring cleaning done around the house and managed to go through all of my old paints.  Then I realized that I never posted my house colors before on my blog.

Okay, correction.  I know I haven’t posted about my house colors but I keep thinking there are rooms I want to repaint so I’ll just hold off until I repaint them.

Well, that day is NOT coming any time soon!

And you may still want to know my current paint colors, right?

Also, I show you a pretty way of storing your leftover paint and paint chips.

Organize House Paints

I’ve been seeing paint stored in beautiful glass mason jars on blogs for awhile now so I thought it was perfect idea for me.  So pretty!!

It provided the perfect time to go through all my paint to see if there were any worth saving.

Some leftover paints had an awful smell {not the regular paint smell that I love} and had rust around the edges.  Some of the rust had flaked off into the paint itself.

Off to the recycling depot you go!

For the paint that was worth salvaging, I stored in these beautiful canning mason jars.


Images from So Much Better With Age.

For the full instructions visit So Much Better With Age.

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