Great Furniture Hack Ideas

Taking old furniture and repurposing it into something beautiful and totally different from its original purpose is a thrilling thing. These furniture hacks are some of my favorites, and they’re sure to give you some great ideas. One thing I like about them is that almost all of these use common furniture that we see frequently as discards in someone’s trash, as a cheap buy at garage sales or thrift stores, or you may have something similar sitting in your garage.

1. Dresser Repurposed into Kitchen Island

Dresser repurposed into kitchen island -

As you can see, the bottom two drawers were removed, and new hardware was added to the two remaining drawers. A towel rack was added to one side and decorative feet were added to the bottom. A fresh coat of paint and you would never guess the origin of this kitchen island! This is one of the cleverest dresser hacks I’ve seen.

2. Old Table Becomes a Cushioned Ottoman or Bench

old table made into an ottoman -

I’ve seen so many of these old tables and if I’d only known I could turn one of them into something that looks like this! Also, the tufting is not difficult to do.

Go to the next page to see a short video on how to measure your fabric and how to do tufting like this for your new ottoman.

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