Cute, Cute Pom Pom Lamp With Tulle DIY

More fun with tulle!  This DIY pom pom lamp made with tulle is so darn sweet.  I think it would be fun to have 3 or 5 (you should have an odd number of items instead of even) lamps in different colors or different shades of each color.  Paint the light cords green and it will look like a bouquet of flowers.  Thanks to Ruffles and Stuff for the cute idea.

My mom is great. She’s always bringing me random things saying, “I thought you might be able to make something out of this!”. A couple of weeks ago she brought me a 2-pack of microwave plate covers from the Dollar Tree. I knew just what I was going to do with it….

A lamp, of course!!
Materials List:
-1 yard of tulle in the color of your choice (I wish I’d had pink!)
-2 plate covers
-1 strand of white twinkle lights
I already had the tulle and lights, so this project only cost 100 pennies! Nice!
1) Cut your tulle into small squares, about 2-3″. No need to be exact, just whack away!!
Images from Ruffles and Stuff.
For the full instructions visit Ruffles and Stuff.

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