“Age” Your Mason Jars With Blue Patina

I love the look of painted mason jars, especially if done well. Here is an extra twist you can add to your painted jars that will give them a unique look. Adding the blue patina makes them look somewhat aged, like the way aged metal looks.

Here’s what you will need to achieve this look.



    1. Paint your jar with 2 coats of Modern Masters Metal Primer
    2. Paint 1 coat of Modern Masters Metal Effects Copper Paint
    3. When first coat of copper paint is dry, add a 2nd coat
    4. While the 2nd coat of copper paint is still wet, either brush or spray the blue patina over the top of the wet paint in the pattern you want. The patina will tend to accumulate a little in the crevices of the jar when it’s sprayed on, so it depends on the look you’re going for.

What’s nice about these paints is that you do have color choices. The metal effects comes inĀ copper, bronze, and iron, and you can also opt for a green patina. Be sure that the paint is a reactive paint, which is necessary for the patina to bond with it.

Project Source: Suburble





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