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Awesome Swing Set Around a Fire Pit

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Who doesn’t like sitting in a swing? The back and forth motion is very relaxing and it helps melt the stress and tension away. Now imagine swinging outside next to your fire pit. Even better, swinging with your family and friends around your fire pit! Adding the pleasure of a fire with swinging is a combination you just can’t beat.

It’s actually not so hard to build one and Chernango Dave on the forum at Bowhunting described how he built his, which looks like it’s next to a small river. I love that he put it next to the water.


You can find Chernango Dave’s instructions here on Bowhunting.com.

Hodgepodgerama decided to build one of these but he wanted his to be larger than the one Dave built. So when he built his, he documented all the steps and modifications and then posted them on Instructables. His is the one in our featured image, and this is how it looks at night with a fire in the fire pit.



So now that I’ve inspired you, head over to either Bowhunting or Instructables for the supplies you’ll need and all the steps to build your own!

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