Make a Terrarium – In a Coffeepot!

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A coffeepot is an unexpected container for a terrarium, one you don’t normally see. Using a coffeepot certainly makes a really cute terrarium, and all you have to do is raise the lid to change out the plants. Because you’re using air plants, they need very little, if any, water.

Coffeepots without the machine part can be found easily and cheaply at any thrift store. The only other materials you’ll need are:

  • Small air plants
  • White sand
  • Moss
  • River or aquarium rocks
  • Decorations – gemstones, toys, miniatures, shells, whatever you like

It’s pretty easy to figure out how to put it together but if you want to see pictures of the progression and how Enid of A Charming Project made hers, then go to her blog. She’s the one who came up with this wonderful idea!


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