How to Refinish Furniture With Lace

When you find an old piece of furniture that you want to┬árefinish, or maybe you have something on hand right now, consider using this method to add extra detail and appeal. It makes whatever you’re painting look like a high-end piece and very unique.

This dresser was spray painted, all excepted the drawers, which were painted a neutral color. When they were dry, lace that you can by buy the yard was cut and laid over each drawer. Then the original paint color was sprayed all over the lace, which when dried, created the lace pattern on each drawer.

refinish dresser with lace-

I think spray painting is about the only way to get the color the same on the lace as well as the sides and top of the piece you’re painting. You won’t be able to use latex paint with a brush unless you use the lace as a stencil and brush the paint over it. The problem with that will be keeping the lace in place when drawing the brush over it. The hardware was spray painted as well.

Project source and tutorial: Design-Innovate-Create

Here’s how this looks when used on a short chest or night stand. I love the color of this, especially the white handles. This is from Etsy.

small chest refinished with lace-

And a lingerie chest.

refinish lingerie chest with lace-

Don’t you think it looks classy? This picture was posted on Pinterest by Liz Travers.

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