Need More Storage? Make a Storage Headboard

It’s interesting that most people would say they could use more space for storage, no matter how large or small their home is. If you have a small bedroom that could use more space, one solution might be to add a headboard that provides lots of storage cubbyholes.

Even if you don’t need the space, this headboard is still unique and eye-catching. If you look closely, you’ll see that it’s made of a combination of different types and sizes of drawers. Drawers with curved sides add to the the appeal.

Start collecting odd drawers from unwanted dressers and cabinets. To assemble, put them together on the floor, moving them around like a puzzle until you get the fit and look you want, and the right size for your bed.

Don’t hesitate to use fillers or leave openings where the wall can peek through. Secure them together with screws and cut plywood doors to fit a few openings. Use hinges to install the doors. Paint the assembly and if you want, wallpaper the drawer backs and doors. Hang the headboard using a few 1×4-inch cleats.

Source of image and project: Better Homes & Gardens



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