Pretty String Easter Eggs With Chocolate Inside

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Easter will be here before you know it and this is a really cute project to do. If I still had kiddos at home I’d be all over these, but I don’t and I’m still thinking of doing it! They’re just so pretty and make me smile to look at them.

I can think of something a little cruel I could do to myself – make eggs with chocolate inside and then I will have to break the eggs open to get to it! That’s a good reason to leave the chocolate where it is. LOL

Your kids will love these, especially when they show up in their Easter baskets, and they make a gorgeous Easter wreath, as you can see here.


There are several ways to make them. The most common is using embroidery floss or string, but I think the floss gives a slightly more fragile look, plus you don’t have to color the string. If you use yarn your eggs will be a lot sturdier looking. You have a choice of different methods of hardening the process and we’ll show you a couple of them so you can choose for yourself.

The basic process is the same, you use small water balloons and if you’re adding candy to the inside, put that in before you start to blow them up.

These instructions use sugar and water, but they also have alternatives for using glue and water, or liquid fabric starch.  You can find them here on Instructables.

Image source for egg wreath: Wine and Glue. Wine and Glue shows how to use liquid starch mixed with flour and it worked well for them. Get to it and enjoy!


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