DIY Colored Mason Jars

I am so in love with these. I’ve always loved mason jars but only recently have I discovered how many different things I can use them for, and the decorating ideas are amazing. They lend themselves to so many things including seasonal projects, and with all the different ways to paint and decorate them, you really can’t run out of ideas.

Who knew you can actually color the glass in a myriad of colors, without having to paint them? I think they’re gorgeous, especially if you take the extra step and add some puffy gold paint or stick on gems like Jessie did at Lilyshop. Wouldn’t they make wonderful gifts? They’ve very simple to make, all you need is food coloring and Mod Podge. One caveat, you will not be able to put food in them, they’re strictly for decoration.

For the full tutorial head over to Jessie’s blog on Lilyshop.

Image source: Lilyshop

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