Repurpose A Book Into a Lovely Purse DIY Style

I love books and purses so I can’t wait to dig into this book into a purse project.  Why pay a lot of money for a stylish and modern purse when you can DIY?  You can judge a book by it’s cover with this project especially if you don’t have a favorite book or author.  I love this idea from Instructables.

Oh, what to do! What to do! I’ve got tons of vintage books and nowhere to put them. I’ve put them on eBay and no one wants them. I’ve also tried to donate them to local thrift stores but the printed works are in very low demand so I was turned away and told to give them to libraries which also turned them down because of the age and condition of most of them. I was left with a sense of loss. I absolutely love vintage books and couldn’t understand why no one seemed to feel the way I did. I needed a solution for this problem and fast. With Christmas right around the corner, I also needed gifts that were really amazing but not expensive. So I searched the web to find a repurposing for my vast collection of vintage books and stumbled on some truly great ideas! Here is one that I actually did and my process! Enjoy! (I have a lot of photos of this project so I have made the steps into collages to save space. Thanks guys!)

This is also on my blog. I’ll post a link at the end of this ‘ible if you’d like to check it out;)


Images from Instructables.

For full instructions visit Instructables.

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