Small Side Table with Hanging Magazine Rack

I love to read and I have to be careful or I end up stacking magazines and books wherever I happen to lay them down, which can make things look really cluttered. This small side table with its hanging magazine rack helps keep things tidy while at the same time, reading material is right next to the chair where I sit to read.

Another nice facet of this table is its size. I have a couple of places in my small home where I need a smaller table like this and it can be difficult to find something that fits. This looks absolutely perfect. Now I have somewhere to sit with my cup of coffee or glass of iced tea and my current reading material is convenient.

The plans for this table call for copper pipe, which is then painted. However, because the cost of copper has risen so much in the last couple of years, I think PVC pipe is a good substitute and it can be spray painted any color you wish.

The complete tutorial for this project can be found at eHow.

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