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Sweet Conversation “Hearts” DIY For Valentine’s Day

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I love the idea of the conversation heart candies for Valentine’s Day but I really dislike the taste.  These DIY stones allow you to use your own messages to make it more personal.  They can tell a fortune like fortune cookies, state your love, kind words for a friend or whatever you are feeling.  Thanks to Where the Smiles Have Been for the lovely idea.

This past Valentine’s Day, I was looking for something fun and different my husband and I could do besides the typical flowers, chocolate, and stuffed teddy bears.  I mean those are great (especially the chocolate!), but after being together for over 11 years, we’ve sort of moved beyond that.  We’d rather save our money for vacations or things for the house, and since we have a toddler at home with no babysitter, we’re kinda limited with our date night options.

I started scouring the interwebs for ideas, and while perusing Hometalk, I stumbled across these Valentine conversation stones….and I instantly fell in love!   These little guys:

  1. Are cheap to make thanks to using stones from the dollar store.
  2. Are super quick and easy to put together.
  3. Can easily be discussed over dinner, dessert, in the car, or anytime really.
  4. Will allow for some serious discussion as well as some serious laughs!
  5. Are a great interactive game for spouses, families, the classroom, teams, etc…..although you may want to leave out some of the topics if using with kiddos. 😉

Sounds like my kind of project!


Images from Where the Smiles Have Been.

For the full instructions visit Where the Smiles Have Been.

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