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13 Beautiful DIY Wood Walls

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It doesn’t matter how you use wood, it’s a beautiful medium for any project. Why not add wood to one wall of a room for a custom, decorative look? It used to be paneling that was used for that, but now you have the option of adding wood in very unique ways to a wall and even better, doing it yourself which gives some control over the finished look.

There are quite a few options for building a wood wall. Here are 13 different ways to consider, for starters. They vary quite a bit in color, design, and the type of decor each would be used with. There are tutorials or instructions so if you see one that inspires you, you’ll know what it takes to get it done.

Kathy Woodward at Decorating Your Small Space put this list together and I love the ones she has chosen. I think you will too so head over to her blog, Decorating Your Small Space.



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