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Easy to Make Outdoor Swings

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Swinging is an activity that kids of all ages love to do, and it’s a great way to enjoy being outdoors. You could go for a typical one-seater swing, like hanging a board or a flexible seat, but why not go for a swing that is easy to put together and that kids love because they’re fun? It’s always good to have options, which is what we’re bring you.

Often you will see plans for swings to make but they are more difficult than what you want to undertake. These swings are not hard and even if you have no carpentry skills, you should be able to handle most of them.

Most of these use pallets because they’re so easy to work with and cost nothing when you can find them for free (which isn’t hard to do).

This swing not only looks fun for younger kids but more than one can enjoy it together and you could hang it low to the ground to minimize risk.

full pallet child swing- DIYscoop.com

Image source: 99 Pallets

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