Make Delicious Dinner Nachos That’s Easy And Quick DIY

It’s Halloween, y’all!  My kids like to get out to trick-or-treat early so dinner will be at an unusual time for us.  It’s either eat early or eat late.  This DIY nachos for dinner is perfect for the situation.  This recipe includes making your own salsa if you have the time.  Thanks to Amanda’s Cookin’ for a quick and easy dinner fix.

I love the rotisserie chickens from the grocery store. They are positively mouth watering, enough so that I could just sit and eat it without any sides. But they are also super convenient when you want to throw something homemade together after work or a long day. Nachos are super easy, though there is a little bit of chopping involved. Give yourself about half on hour to throw this together. My family loved it!

I don’t have any step photos for you. I wasn’t even planning on blogging this honestly, but it was really good, and any time I make something that everyone in the family devours, it’s worth putting it on the blog.


Images from Amanda’s Cookin’.

For the full recipe visit Amanda’s Cookin’.


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