5 Ways To Make Delicious Mashed Potatoes For Thanksgiving DIY

All 5 of these mashed potato recipe are fantastic!  You know I love my crock pot so I find that idea pretty awesome.  Do you stick with the original recipe or try something a new?  Creme fraiche and horseradish sounds very intriguing.  Thanks to Today for the 5 yummy mashed potato recipes.

Turkey may be the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving feast, but for many it’s the side dishes that hold the real appeal. And while green beans, stuffing and cranberry sauce are more than worthy of their place at the table, it’s the mashed potatoes we deeply crave — and it’s the mashed potatoes we want to enjoy as leftovers the next day.

Classic mashed potatoes, made with nothing more than milk or cream, butter and possibly sour cream or cream cheese, are delightfully rich and decadently delicious, but they’re also quite simple, which means they’re a perfect dish to put a creative spin on this holiday season. Whether it’s adding roasted garlic and horseradish, using the slow cooker or turning mashed potatoes into a make-ahead casserole, these five recipes offer easy ways to give your favorite Thanksgiving side dish a guaranteed-to-please makeover.


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