A Lovely DIY Monogramed Wine Cork Chalkboard

Projects using corks is a great idea for sharing your love of wine.  It’s such an easy way to change up something plain.  Sometimes the wine you drank came from a special evening or you really enjoyed a particular bottle.  Thanks to One More Time for a wonderful project using corks.

Hello…we are finally done with the Chalk/Cork Board project… and I love the way it turned out.  What  started out to be one thing ended up being some what different than planned.  The Frame was purchased at a Thrift Store for $5.00,  not really sure what I had planned for it, but really $5.00? couldn’t pass it up…a deal is a deal!.  By the time I got it home, I had an idea, Why not,  make it into a chalk board?…so, that was the plan.   Mr. OMT built a backing for the frame,  he had it placed upside down on work bench and the perfectionist that he is, the back looked as good as the front. Only the back had a divider in the middle (actually a brace). So… here we go again with the “I have an idea”  Mr. OMT’s response was “Oh Dear,  now what?” Mrs. OMT… wellll… how about,  we use the back and make it a Chalk/Cork combination board?  That is what it ended up being.   He routed out the inside of the boards rounded the corners and stained it.



Images from One More Time.

For the full instructions visit One More Time.

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