A Gorgeous Christmas Ornament Tear Drop Swag Decoration DIY

This DIY tear drop swag decoration made from Christmas ornaments is so beautiful.  It can be hung from a light fixture, a front door, or a banister.  There is such a variety of ribbon, yarn, and greenery that you can make one for any season.  Thanks to One More Time for the great project.

Tear Drop swag using handcrafted Christmas ornaments.  I have to tell you when I decided to go with the colors of Black, White and Red in my Christmas decor, I didn’t realize there was a lot to choose from.  Oh there are plain white, black and red, but as far as decorative Christmas ornaments with the colors of black and white it was pretty slim pickings which brought me to create my own.  Today I would love to share a few ways I created my own black and white ornaments and created a Christmas Ornament Swag to go under my farmhouse ceiling fan.

Here are three I created using paint, sashay yarn and a sock.  Today I will be sharing with you all how I did the sashay ornament.  The other two are pretty simple, the polkadot was done with black chalkboard paint using a sponge dauber and the other was done by inserting an ornament inside a white and black polka dot  child’s sock.

How to make a sashay yarn ornament

Cutting your yarn to size to fit your ornament.

Take two  pieces (now this depends on the size of your ornament on how many pieces you will cut)  of the Sashay yarn and start from the bottom and go up to the top  adding about 1/2 inch more in length and tie the two pieces together.


Images from One More Time.

For the full instructions visit One More Time.

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