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13 Ways to Turn an Old Bird Bath Into a Planter

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How often have you seen a neglected or broken bird bath standing forlornly in someone’s yard? Maybe you even have one yourself and just haven’t gotten around to getting rid of it. Well, now you don’t need to.

Look at these 13 ideas of ways you can turn that bird bath into a thing of beauty by using it as a planter. Most of these are planters, a couple of them show a different type of use. All of them provide visual appeal, some with the color of blooming flowers.

Melissa J. Will, who is also known as Empress of Dirt, loves coming up with great ideas; not just for gardening, but also for ways to add art to the yard and garden. She put this list together so take a look at the 13 ways to repurpose an old bird bath.

Image Source: EmpressofDirt

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