A Fabulous Wall Mounted iPad Holder DIY

Here is another great idea that has my wheels turning.  This DIY wall mounted iPad holder is a great idea for any room.  My kids read iBooks so they would love this idea rather than trying to prop the iPad in bed.  Other places could be near the bathtub to watch shows, in the kitchen for recipes or in the garage to listen to sports.  I would actually purchase a box instead of building my own.  Thanks to Thrifty Diving for the idea.

I’m not going to lie–I hate doing laundry, even in my pretty laundry room that I renovated last year–but, I just made something that is totally going to put the “okay-this-isn’t-so-bad”  into laundry adventures: my new DIY tablet holder I just made!!

If you remember my laundry room, it was a huge improvement from before, and my tablet makes it more bearable so I can catch up on my favorite shows. But as the mounds of laundry grew while folding, my tablet would get blocked. I’d end up turning it off because I had nowhere to see it. I wanted a place to mount it up off the table.

I needed some wood and power tools to make the DIY table holder, but I also needed Permanent Mounting Tape by Scotch® Brand to mount the little stylus on the side of the holder. (Scotch®Brand is well known for masking tapes to spray adhesives and so much more.Whatever you need for a crafting project, they make it!) :)

I stopped at Walmart to pick up Permanent Mounting Tape (in a couple different sizes) and Permanent Mounting Squares. I wasn’t sure what I was going to need, so I just bought several.

I also picked up some additional crafting supplies from the crafting aisle, where both Scotch® brand and Command™ can be found. I love hoarding crafting supplies, don’t you? :)


Images from Thrifty Diving.

For the full instructions visit Thrifty Diving.

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