Lovely Flowers In a Frame DIY

Silk flowers are a wonderful way to bring some color into a room.  This DIY flowers in a frame project is inexpensive and easy to do.  The flowers can be poinsettias for the holiday season.  Go to your local craft store and browse the silk flowers for inspiration.  Thanks to blue i style for the project.

My dad retired about a year and a half ago, but he recently took a consulting job that puts him in Salt Lake City a week or so each month, so my parents bought a condo not far from downtown. While I was in Salt Lake for the SNAP! Conference a couple of weeks ago, I had a chance to check out the new condo, and I immediately spotted an art project that I knew I had to share with you. How pretty are those framed flowers?!
Only a blogger would ask their mom to take her art off the wall, disassemble it, and put it back together so they could photograph it…but that’s exactly what I did. Fortunately it took less than five minutes, and it was so easy!
blue i style - LayFlowersInShadowBox
Images from blue i style.
For the full instructions visit blue i style.

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