Hidden Key Storage

Every home needs a place to to store and organize important keys. I know people who don’t have a set place to put their keys when they come home so they’re always looking for them. It’s especially bad when you’re in a hurry and you have no idea where you put them down. Having one place to hang them works the best. That way, everyone knows where the key to the locked shed is or the lawnmower key when they need it.

Something else that most people don’t think about, however, is safety. You should never keep your keys in plain sight where someone who shouldn’t have access to them can get to them. Keeping them hidden but accessible is what is needed.

Well, here is a way to do that. As you can see, you can get to them easily and quickly, and yet no one would suspect that you keep all your keys hidden behind a picture on the wall. If this strikes you as the ideal situation for you, it’s pretty easy to put together.

hidden key holder open - DIYscoop.com

You can find all the instructions at Planq Studio.

Image source: Planq Studio

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