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7 DIY Beautiful Rain Chains

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I hate to admit it, but I’ve only recently discovered rain chains! I had no idea what they were until I found a picture of one and was entranced by how beautiful it was. I’d much rather have a rain chain than a gutter running down the side of my house.

Really nice ones cost a good bit, especially since they typically are made of copper and the price of copper has risen dramatically in the last couple of years. So what else could you use to make your own rain chain? Here are some great ideas of rain chains I’d love to have or make, and maybe you will find that one of them is exactly what you want.

This article on Rain Chains is very helpful with information on different styles of chains and how efficient they are, tips on how to install them, and some beautiful examples of their hammered copper rain chains.

1. Clay Pots


clay pot rain chain-

Image source and project tutorial: All Things Heart and Home

2. Ombre Clay Pots

ombre clay pot rain chain-

I love when things are painted with an ombre effect and this ombre pot rain chain is no exception. I think it’s just beautiful.

Image source and project tutorial: Design Sponge

There’s a really pretty copper rain chain on the next page.

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