[Video] Amazing Laundry Room Remodel

This is the inspiring story of how one mom, Rhonda Batchelor, took matters into her own hands and completely remodeled her laundry room. With six children, laundry was a major time suck, especially when there was no storage, no cabinets, and no place for hampers in the laundry area. The room stayed in a perpetual mess until she picked up some remodeling tips and decided to get the room under control.

The result is miraculous, especially considering that she only spent about $409 total for all the upgrades. She bought mostĀ of the supplies at a Habitat Restore and then she painted and did all the building and wiring for a complete redo.

Her new laundry room now has a folding table, lots of storage and bins, as well as some really innovative additions. Watch this video where she shows what the room looked like before and what she did to upgrade it.

The complete project with a lot of photos is on Houzz.


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