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Make a Coffee Table From a Piano Bench

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Repurposing an old piano bench into a coffee table is a brilliant idea, especially if the bench has a lift up lid with a hinge on it, like most of them do. Debbie at Painted Therapy needed a new coffee table fast so she used an old piano bench she had in her garage and quickly turned it into this rustic, wood coffee table.

What I especially love about this is that you have access to storage space inside when you lift the top of the table. To make things easy, she put wood for the new table on top of the existing bench top so she didn’t have to mess with redoing the hinge. Then she added a lower shelf and cut off the legs to make it the right height (and to keep it from looking like a bench!).

She used an interesting method I’ve never seen before to achieve the shabby chic look. She primed it, and then put some Vaseline along the edges and in different areas along the sides and legs before she put the final coat of paint on. When the paint dried, the Vaseline caused the paint to to not stick on those areas. I need a coffee table and I want one just like this, so now I’m on the hunt for an old piano bench.

If you want more details of the transformation, go to her blog at Painted Therapy.

Image source: Painted Therapy

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