A Gorgeous Gold Dipped Mini Terrarium DIY

This adorable mini gold dipped terrarium DIY project is great for those with a green or not so green thumb.  The paint does not have to be gold so choose a color that makes you smile.  These terrariums can be set alone or with many, on a table or hung next to a window.  Thanks to Simply Designing for the cute idea.


I am in love with succulents and I have been wanting a terrarium in my home for quite some time.  While I was at Michael’s the other day, I found the cutest miniature terrariums with faux succulents in them and I just thought they were adorable.  And I had the idea to take this cute little decoration and customize it with a little splash of gold!  You can’t go wrong with gold right now and I love how this little crafty touch completely transforms this terrarium into something unique and really special.  So read below to see how to make this really cute Gold Dipped Terrarium!


Images from Simply Designing.

For the full instructions visit Simply Designing.

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