DIY Stylish Hat That You Can Your Own

This DIY hat design is a blank canvas to do your thing.  You can add jewels, a big fabric flower, some hardware like chain or sew on patches.  If the distress look is your style use some sandpaper in spots to “wear out” the material.  Wool, patterned or plain, would also look great.  Thanks to Tasha Delrae for the project.

Here are the instructions on making your own hat.  The hat was extremely easy to make, and took very little time and materials…so don’t be fooled by the instructions.

Tools and Materials
-Measuring Tape
-Tailoring Chalk
-Iron & Ironing Board
-Sewing Machine
-Fabric Scissors
-5cm (2″) long piece of 2.5cm (1″) wide elastic
-Sturdy Woven or Felted Fabric (You need approx 0.4 meter)
-Matching Thread
-Small Piece of Buckram or Cardboard
Pattern Drafting/Fabric Cutting Instructions
1. Measure the Circumference of you head.  Cut 2 pieces of fabric 5cm by this measurement plus 3cm (1 1/4″).  This is going to make the band that goes around your head (One piece will be used as a facing).  If you are using a thicker fabric to make the hat you can use a thinner fabric for the facing piece…I actually used a lightweight knit for this.
2. On your paper draw a circle with a 15.5cm (6 1/8″) radius.  You can use a protractor to do this, or I use a measuring tape that has a hole in the one end (which I put my pencil through), and then use a pin to hold the tape down at the correct measurement and serve as you anchor. (Hard to explain)

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Images from Tasha Delrae.

For the full instructions visit Tasha Delrae.

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