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DIY Cool Industrial Light Switch And Outlet Covers

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These funky DIY light switch and outlet cover ideas have an industrial or steampunk feel to them.  It’s an unique way to add some spunk to a room in a small way.  You like the design but not the metal or the metal work?  Go ahead use a strong glue and paint it.  Thanks to The Steampunk Workshop for a great idea.

A couple of months ago The Lady and I came to the realization that we had painted the walls and woodwork in every room in our home except for the master bedroom.  Our house was built in the 1970’s and this means beige and brown decor.  Thus, our bedroom was just about the most depressing of any of the rooms in our home.

We set about to remedy this post haste!  We began by painting the walls a pleasant sage green and changing the woodwork from a dark brown stained pine to a contrasting French Cream.

When it came time to change out the light switch plates, I thought I’d make a few in the Steampunk style.

More after the cut . . .

Step one was to gather material, so I dumped out my box of small brass bits and fished through them for some likely candidates.  These have been lovingly collected over the years from many sources, but most came from our town dump.

The chosen bits I intended to solder on to solid brass lightswitch cover plates.


Images from The Steampunk Workshop.

For full instructions visit The Steampunk Workshop.

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