Make Your IKEA Rug Lovelier With Paint DIY

This DIY project is great for changing a boring rug.  You can start with this IKEA rug or grab plain jute type rug at a store like Walmart.  Research a pattern you like and make a simple stencil for your rug.  Thanks to The Logbook for the fresh and fun idea.

A while back I was looking for a runner length rug for our laundry room but it seemed that everything I found was either more than I wanted to spend, or had a pattern I didn’t love.  So we ended up with the Osted Rug from Ikea, added a little paint, and had a neutral rug with just the right amount of color added in!  Take a look at just how easy it was to paint a pattern onto this rug.

To paint your rug you will need:

You will want to add a fabric medium to the craft paint if you are painting on a carpet style rug.  This is to keep the surface from becoming stiff.  My rug was made of natural materials, and was already a rough surface, so I skipped this step.


Images from The Logbook.

For the full instructions visit The Logbook.

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