Build A Super Cool Lego Wall DIY

I was watching an episode of “Fixer Upper” on HGTV and one of the design projects was building a Lego wall.  This DIY idea is perfect for any Lego lover in your home, young or old.  It will keep everyone occupied for hours on end.  Thanks to Renovated Learning for providing the how to.

This post is a tutorial on how to build your own Epic LEGO Wall.  I’ve had many, many people ask me how to build a LEGO wall, and while there’s tons of great information out there, I’m going to put my own spin on things, so here goes.

The supplies will vary depending on what size of a LEGO wall you want to build.  I decided to go all out and make a giant 80″ x 80″ LEGO wall so that it could be the centerpiece of our library Makerspace.  Of course, any size LEGO wall that works in your space is awesome :)

Here’s what I used:

  • 80″ x 80″ sheet of plywood (note: 80.5 would have been better.  Can use MDF also.  You’ll want 10 inches for every baseplates, with about 1/16 inch between each one to space them correctly)
  • Concrete screws
  • 4 10oz tubes of Liquid Nails or similar glue (I actually used a different brand, but can’t find the name now.  Ask the people who work at Home Depot or Lowes for advice.)  You want to have more than you think you’ll need.  You can always return unused glue
  • Caulking gun
  • 64 10″ x 10″ LEGO Baseplates/Building plates

Cost:  The plywood and screws were free for me as the district provided them, but plywood is pretty inexpensive anyhow.  The glue was $20, caulking gun was $6.  The baseplates were selling for at two for $12 at Kaplan at the time I bought them, costing a total of $384, which we raised through DonorsChoose.  So a LEGO wall of this size runs about $400 total.


Images from Renovated Learning.

For the full instructions visit Renovated Learning.

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