Make a Marble Paper or Leather Covered Box

One can never have too many small jewelry or trinket boxes, because there are always things that you can put in them. They are also a great way to add color and interest to your home decor, especially if you cover them in something snappy like marbled paper or leather and then add a geode knob.

The possibilities are endless and color variations can be made to add a spot of color to a room. I’m not a knick-knacky type of person as I don’t want to be bothered having to keep stuff dusted, but a pretty box? Now that’s different.

These boxes are pretty enough without the knob, so if you don’t want to add that extra piece, they will still be unique and not look like everybody else’s. I love geode slices and think it makes the perfect addition as a handle to the top of a simple wooden box.

If you don’t already have boxes that you can cover, they are inexpensive to buy in a craft store. Find all the instructions put together by CorinnaAshley on her blog, For My Love Of.




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