Make a Decorative Ceiling Light Shade From Punched Metal

If you want to upgrade your ceiling lights you usually have to spend a good bit of money to buy a decorative one. If you have a ceiling light, you can use this tutorial to make a punched metal shade that will fit right over your existing light fixture.

Punched metal can be bought at Home Depot in sheets that look like This. It makes a beautiful light shade hanging from the ceiling in any room. You could even spray paint the metal if you want it in a different color. This is an easy way to make an upgrade to your home that has a big impact on the visual appeal when you walk into the room.

Corinna of From My Love Of, shared a tutorial on Remodelaholic a few days ago showing how she made this shade. You can find all the instructions with a lot of photos detailing each step at Remodelaholic.

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