DIY Projects Using Old Vintage Windows

Vintage items are hugely popular, in part because of our fondness for remembering the past. To many people, old windows or doors are not good for anything but the garbage. But for many others, they are a gold mine for repurposing into many types of projects.

Some folks like typical cookie-cutter homes and furnishings, and others eschew anything that looks like what everyone else has. Old windows can be used for beautifully eclectic types of furniture. I love this group of ideas because they are not the typical things you see that have been made with old windows. Instead, they are wonderfully creative, many of them submitted by the people who made them.

My favorites are the bed canopy and the pot rack. If you have access to vintage windows and are looking for inspirational ideas. you’ll love these. You can find them at Ruff by Margo.




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