Delightful Peanut Butter And Chocolate Truffles DIY

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are the fastest candy to disappear out of the Halloween bin.  These DIY peanut butter and chocolate truffles are delicious and easy to make.  It’s a great cookie baking party recipe to make because you won’t need to tie up the oven.  Thanks to Strawberry Blondie Kitchen for the yummy recipe.

It’s no secret that I’ve had the Christmas music on full blast this week.  So much so that when I pick my son up from school, it’s the first thing he asks when he jumps into the car,  “Can we listen to Christmas music?”  Don’t tell my husband though.  He thinks it’s a sin to start anything Christmas before Thanksgiving.  But to that I say, “Bah humbug” and for that you can’t have any of these Puppy Chow Truffles, mwaahhahaha!  No, actually I sent all the rest of these babies with him to work because I’m pretty sure I ate enough to last me a lifetime.  SO good.

Now, we love peanut butter in this house, I mean LOVE!  And recently our peanut butter obsession was brought to a whole ‘nother level by none other than our new neighbors (hi, guys!)  You see they invited us over for chili and football.  Upon grabbing my first bowl of chili, I was also presented with a peanut butter sandwich.  What the what, I thought?!  “Oh, you dip your sandwich in the chili,” Kayla exclaimed!  Again, what the what?!  Yeah, so apparently that’s a thing and it’s a GOOOOOD thing.  Seriously, do not knock the peanut butter and chili combo until you’ve tried it.  Mind blown. Since that day, we haven’t enjoyed a bowl of chili without a peanut butter sandwich.  Thanks Iowa friends!  I now refer to the combo as an “Iowa thing”  although some of our other neighbors use to have it as a school lunch combo.  We “suburb people” just aren’t privy to it yet.  You’ve been told.


Images from Strawberry Blondie Kitchen.

For the entire recipe visit Strawberry Blondie Kitchen.

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