Build a New Porch From Pallets

Do you have a concrete entryway like this home had? Or maybe you don’t even have that much and you’re looking to improve or upgrade your front or rear entryway. There are a lot of ideas and ways to improve the outside area of your home, but pallets are a fairly easy and definitely a cheap way to do it.

You can see in the pictures the huge difference there was in the before picture, with just a concrete porch, and after it had been covered with pallets and stained. The transformation is quite beautiful and from looking at the pictures of the process, it wasn’t very difficult.

Having a beautiful entryway is the first thing people see when they come to your home and it makes a great first impression. It also will increase your home’s value and when you decide to sell, be a great selling point.

Susan Hirneise Moore and her husband Bill redid their porch with pallets and documented it with pictures. She also provides quite a bit more information answering questions on their blog. To see their project, go to Redo Redux.



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