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Family Size Your Dice For Awesome Holiday Fun DIY!

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OK.  I’m pretty excited about this DIY dice project!  You don’t have to wait until summer to use these fun dice.  This will be so much fun to play Yahtzee in the family sized edition.  You can paint your dice but if you are in a hurry leave them white and glue on some pips, the official name of the dots (I had to look it up).  Thanks to Prettify Your Life for the great idea!

I am hosting the monthly neighborhood Bunco group this coming Tuesday, so I decided to decorate my door for the occasion.  But, I didn’t have an over-sized dice to use in the garland…until now!  Here’s my step-by-step tutorial for making large dice.


Styrofoam cubes (5x5x5 inches).  I got mine a Hobby Lobby, both the regular kind and the smooth finish.
Black acrylic paint
Foam brush
Black and White Vinyl (I buy mine at–Oracle 631, 15 inches x 10 yards)
A cutting machine, or circle punch, or good old scissors.

Step 1:  Buy the styrofoam cubes and remove the plastic.  I bought 12 cubes at Hobby Lobby.  Some are the standard styrofoam and some are the smooth, paintable styrofoam.  If you can get the smooth, do it.  It’s much easier to work with, and the vinyl adheres to it better.

Smooth Foam (preferred)

Regular Foam (Since it is harder to paint, I saved this type for the white dice…so no painting these!)


Images from Prettify Your Life.

For the full instructions visit Prettify Your Life.

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