Make That End Table Sassy With A Skirt DIY

If you are less than enthusiastic about how your end tables look, this DIY skirt is the project to do.  The skirt will cover those unsightly cords as well.  This project can be done with a sewing machine or fabric glue (my favorite!).  Thanks to Exquisitely Unremarkable for the great idea.

In May, I decided to give my living room a bit of a makeover. I found a few new fabrics that I couldn’t resist and well, you get the story. While it is still a work in progress, I did finish the biggest makeover on my list ~ adding a skirt to an old Ikea table. I have to say, that tiny bit of fabric has dramatically changed the table and the look of the whole room. I am thrilled with the finished project and can’t believe I put it off for so long. With or without sewing skills, anyone can tackle this job in a jiffy.

I promise!

Here is my table before the intervention. It’s a very old Ikea model that my husband and I had already painted and stained, years ago. However, even after its first makeover, it was just…there. I have featured my living room in a curtain and Christmas post, but never showed the table, because I was not happy with that corner of the room.

I like the after so much better!

First, I bought a few yards of fabric, thread and three cheap tension rods. If you are not going to sew your panels, you will either need fabric glue or ironing tape, as well.
I started by measuring my fabric. The space between the legs is 20″ and I added about another 12″, making each panel 32″ long. This gave me enough extra fabric for seam allowance and to gather the fabric for a ruffled appearance. The depth of the panel needed to be 14″ long, so I cut it to 17″, leaving plenty for seam allowance and a generous rod pocket.
Skirted Ikea Table Before
For the full instructions visit Exquisitely Unremarkable.

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