A Fabulous Shelving Unit From Apple Crates DIY

Bookshelves can be made from just about anything.  This DIY bookshelf is made from old apple crates.  They can be stained, painted or stenciled.  Adding castors make the shelf mobile but they can be left off.  This would also make for a great nightstand, linen shelf for the bathroom or mini bar.  Thanks to Design Dining Diapers for the idea.

A few years ago, my grandparents moved out of their life long home and were going to throw out these old crates. Naturally I could NEVER let them go to waste, especially since they are more than a couple of crates. These crates were actually built by my grandma when she worked on the family apple orchard.

I love that they carry my family history with them. The fact that these were my grandma’s crates she filled every day with apples and that they have been used for so many years is so special.
I have three of them and I use them for decor around the house, especially for fall and winter. This week, I took two of them and turned them into a bookcase for the vintage nursery I’m doing for baby. This was a really easy and inexpensive transformation that you can do with any crates you find.
For the full instructions visit Design Dining Diapers.

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