A Gorgeous Pottery Barn Inspired Finial Candlestick DIY

This DIY finial candlestick project inspired by Pottery Barn (I love that store) is a creative idea.  I like the thought of a candlestick without the candles.  They can be painted in any way you like (metallic, mulicolored, antique).  This would make for a fantastic gift.  Thanks to The Inspired Nest for the great idea.

Here is the tutorial for my Pottery Barn Decorative Objects that I featured yesterday. 
Getting this look for less is so simple,
it made me wonder why I didn’t do this so much earlier??? 
 I had started putting the candlesticks together with the finials and started painting them and then just moved on to another project.  I purchased the smaller candlesticks for 29 cents each at Goodwill.  A few of the finals came from there as well. 
I had already started painting them when I remembered to take a before pic!
Lets get to the steps;
Images from The Inspired Nest.
For the full instructions visit The Inspired Nest.

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